The city of Glacier Park will be using a Project Based Learning (PBL) model to guide our learning during term two. We will look to incorporate a four┬áC theme of Collaboration – Community – Creativity – Critical Thinking. We have modelled this approach on “Johnsonville” which is a STEAM type program being run by teacher Anthony Johnston in the US. While most of the content of WHAT we learn will not change, HOW we learn will be flipped on its head. We will be incorporating more student directed learning, independent and collaborative tasks, peer teaching and self guided discovery.

Major Collaborative Tasks
Bridge Building
Bridge Testing Day
e-Book Writing
Eco Challenge Competition
Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Beach Art (Local walk)
Disability – Can Do! Project
Rockets and Launchpad
Sphero Egg Chariot Racing
Rube Goldberg Machine
Pizza Box Biography
Hologram & 3D printing

Individual Tasks
e-Book Finance Maths
Glacier Park Hotel Design
Dan Meyer Stickies (Area)
Design-A-Zoo Part 1 or 2 (Area & Perimetre)
Dan Meyer Meatballs/Drippy Tap (volume)
Mario Swimming Pool Design (Volume)
A Day in the Life Videos
Haiku Poety Writing & Poster Design
Loopy Soundtrack (Day in the life Video)
Vapor lock iPad flip Clipsal track

Parent/Staff Collaboration
Hallett Cove Beach Walk
Sphero Chariot Racing Family Kits
Sphero Soccer Pitch Construction
e-Book Printing Library/Charity
Clipsal Scale Racecourse Building
Screen IT Music Creation
Baking Day

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