We propose that the S.R.C should purchase Sphero’s because students of all ages can use them for many subjects,  the Spheros can be used for lunch time activities- involving junior primary and they’re engaging to students both young and old.

A Sphero is a robot that you can control with an iPad or an electronic device etc. Sphreos are made from polycarbonate plastic which is very unlikely to break unless somebody jumps on it. The Sphero can operate at top speed for 60 minutes and only takes three hours to fully charge.

Spheros can be used in many subjects like literacy, P.E, Maths and Design and Tech. Students can use them for literacy because they’re programmed with different games such as pass the bomb and much more. In P.E, Spheros can be useful in many different ways such as chase the Sphero/Beat the Sphero (more for younger students), Sphero soccer, Sphero races, Sphero bowling and Sphero golf. The Spheros will help us in design and tech because we can download apps on the iPads and use code to move the Spheros around obstacles and over ramps and courses, which are included in the pack. Students can also create chariots and different vehicles to race against each other.

Spheros can be used in lunch time activities if it is raining or if the students don’t have anything to do. We have access to many iPads in each unit which can be used to control the device. The SRC could organise many different games and activities with the Spheros. Students would love to battle against each other and the devices are unlikely to break because they are made of carbon fibre. They are  quite pricey, but they awesome and exciting and worth the cost of $129 for each of the Spheros. The year 6/7 class would like to organise a Sphero chariot race for students and families in term 2. The class would create a scale model of the Clipsal race course, and create building kits for students to make at home with their families.

The Spheros will be fun for all students because they are engaging and fun. It’s also a great way of getting everyone working together and communicating. They will learn new skills and have more experience with coding. The use of Shpero’s will cover many curriculum areas.

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