This week the citizens of the City of Glacier Park will be voting for council positions. The councillor with the most votes will become Mayor of Glacier Park. There will be 5 elected officials who will have many jobs including:

  • Spending income tax money on real world events
  • Voting on whether council members can also own businesses
  • Choosing our end of term celebration excursion event
  • Voting whether citizens of Glacier Park must earn reward events by successfully managing their time, completed work, and behaviour or if everyone in Glacier Park should be permitted to join in events.
  • Finalising how many sick/family days students can take in the term before they are penalised days without pay.

These hot button topics have stimulated plenty of discussion this week. The most contentious topic is whether rewards must be earned by residents.

Students will be ‘paid’ for each day they come to school and complete their normal tasks. Students can also earn extra income by running a business that contributes to make the school a better place. Students will pay taxes to the city, pay rent for their work stations and IT access, and can be fined for breaking our school agreements. Some nominees believe that, just like the real world, rewards should be earned through hard work and positive behaviour. Others feel that every student should have the right to participate in reward activities regardless of their success.

What is fair and equitable has been hotly debated. There are 11 nominees for election this week, it will be a very interesting week.

Council Debate Highlights – City of Glacier Park from City of Glacier Park on Vimeo.


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