After months of planning, organising, designing, debating, and voting, the City of Glacier Park is ready to launch in term 2. We have handed the keys for learning over to the year 6/7 students and (fingers crossed) we are ready for whatever comes next! In a nutshell:

  • As Glacier Park employees, students will be ‘paid’ for everyday they come to school and complete their work tasks. They will track their finances in Google Docs (download) and spend money on real world rewards & events.
  • Employees will pay rent and bills fortnightly for workspaces and access to IT equipment.
  • Glacier Park employees pay taxes to the city who use these funds in the real world to pay for public seating and maker-spaces, food days, and lunch time events for the whole school.
  • Council elections were held after some hotly debated topics related to how many sick/family days residents should have, whether councillors were pro or anti business, and whether residents should be allowed to ‘fail’ and miss out on rewards/events if they don’t maintain attendance, complete work, and manage their finances appropriately.
  • Students will run Businesses aimed at making the school a better place. Businesses include SSSO work (Student Student Support Officers), meet & greet groups at the school gate in the mornings, cleaning teams, and even a weekly hot beverage company for parents and staff on chilly Autumn/Winter mornings.
  • Students designed and voted for a logo for the city which is featured on our website, banners etc.
  • They designed and arranged the classroom to create spaces for collaborative and individual learning.
  • Students mapped out a Event Planner which outlines when we will be doing different assignments, projects and events. There will be a mixture of student directed learning tasks, and teacher directed activities. One area we are focusing on is increasing the amount of student created content we share.
  • We will be attempting Project Based Learning tasks which need to have a level of authenticity in the real world, in others words, be able to simulate or directly relate to students individual lives. As a composite year 6/7 class we will draw from different parts of the Australian Curriculum.
  • We will all (me included) share our learning on student EduBlogs and other appropriate social media via posts, pictures and videos.
  • We will attempt to engage with our community via shared learning tasks, creative design family competitions, hosting events, and linking our learning to the real world.

More information can be found at our City of Glacier Park website and via our Parent Information Form.

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