Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. This is Doctor Laura Chavez on the vessel Flotsam, Flotsam, Flotsam.
Call sign Charlie Alpha Seven One One Two. I say again, Charlie Alpha Seven One One two . Over.

Roger that Flotsam, please confirm location. Over.

Mayday. The vessel Flotsam’s last known position was two eight four one North by one four zero West,
drifting at four knots with a bearing of two zero one degrees. Over.

Roger that Flotsam, what is your situation? Over.

We are a hydrographic survey vessel experiencing catastrophic storm damage to our hull and are in need of immediate Coast Guard assistance. We are one five one tonnes and two zero metres in length. Over.

Vessel Flotsam, how many crew are you? Over.

We are three crew, one with a deep laceration and possible fracture to her skull, another with insulin dependent diabetes. Over.

Flotsam are you able to stay with your ship?

Negative. We have activated our IPURB, deployed our life raft, and we are preparing to abandon ship. We have flares and 15 days supplies & drinking water. Over.

Roger that Flotsam.


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