Dear Report Cards,
I’m just a few days away from moving into year 7. I’m writing this because I have something to tell you: You suck. You have been lying to me for at least the last three years. You’ve told me over and over again that I’m a D student in English. But you’re wrong; I’m not. 
This year, I’m a B student.

I’ve made a B because I have a teacher that understands me. He didn’t concentrate on testing. This is good because I don’t do well on tests, and I think they are unfair for some children. I don’t know why, but sometimes when I start a test, I forget everything. I know other kids that do the same.

I earned a B because my teacher focused on the bottom of my iceberg. All the work that I did across the year, the revisions I completed, and all the progress that I made. The most important part of my iceberg is the time and effort I put into it. You need to find time to make the bottom because without a strong base; you can’t have success at the top.

Now, I know for a fact that I can’t spell. The only reason you can easily read this is because of my best friend, spell check. My spelling difficulties make my hand-writing hard to read. In the past, I’ve done most of my writing in a textbook without revisions. So, of course I was going to get a D.

Having access to technology has changed my world. Being able to type my work and click on a red line to fix a wrong word has suddenly made my work correct. Feedback is another extremely helpful tool. When I was stuck or when I’m just finished, I used feedback to fix the things that were wrong or to add things that I may not have thought of. Feedback is an awesome tool!

I know I don’t need to show you the Curriculum because you’ve seen it. But I’m looking at it right now and spelling only appears in one box out of about 20 (phonics and word knowledge). Is it fair to say that a child’s writing is D worthy when the main problem with it is the spelling? When you get past that, it could be really good. So don’t judge a book by its cover. Unlike you, report cards, this year my teacher took that one box for what it is. Small.

The grade game is a big thing. Throughout the year every teacher and student will play it. This year we changed the game, and we changed our classroom. I was able to get feedback all the time. I was able to use technology. I learned to self-assess. I had time to revise and check my work which made my writing better. Because I showed evidence of growth and learning, I became a B student. – Lynton

I have really enjoyed this year. We did something called “going gradeless”. The first thing I thought was ‘cool, we get to pick our grades’ but it actually ended up being hard.

We had to collect our learning and share work that we think is great in a portfolio. I found that our Art portfolio was easier to put together than English or Math. I don’t miss grades because there is no need for them. I believe that grades can bring students down and that grades mostly compare students to each other.

Without grades kids still learn, they just don’t have the pressure that their best is not as good as the next student. I think that taking away grades gives students a chance to learn without judgement.  Amber.

This year has been one of the best years ever. This year we’ve done something not many schools have done, we made the students the most important people in the class, rather than the teacher. I prefer the class we have now because we have more choice in what we do. I’ve also learned about self-managing my time. By doing what we’re doing it helps us see what real life is like. By having the opportunity to have a voice we can design our learning and classroom the way we want it. When other classrooms see what we’re doing, I think it makes them want to do it as well. Most teachers don’t really know how to do what we’re doing, that’s why not many students have the opportunity to do what we’re doing. Sophia.

My Treasure is having a teacher like Mr. Moore because we have a voice to make decisions and ideas. I like having Mr. Moore because he changed how we learn. I like the way we learn now. I got affected with all those things in a good way. Most of all I like our voice and my experience is great because I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE. When I leave this school I will miss it a lot, but I’ll have fun while I’m still here. I really like how we do things now because it’s all pretty new and I love to try new things. Ryan.

I definitely think I’ve improved my learning from last year in multiple areas such as Math, Grammar and Punctuation, English, Spelling, and public speaking. Some highlights of the year would be Sphero racing, bridge building, bottle rockets and the 2017 concert held in the gym. This has been by far my favourite class because we have had so much student voice in what we learn and how we learn it. Our class has also been extremely creative, had good attitude and been lucky with the size of our classroom. Mr. Moore has been an excellent teacher and every day I’m excited to come to school. I believe it’s been a great year and really hope that Mr. Moore is still my teacher next year.  Cooper.

There are many reasons why I think I went from a C student to an A student. My results are better this year because I’ve been more on task and less distracted. I also feel that I am more interested in the subjects we have done, probably because it’s the second time doing the projects (just in different ways) and because in our classroom I feel we get more freedom to help us learn. I have become a powerful learner because I have involved myself in most of the things we do at school and I try to do and be a part of the community. I’ve been involved in painting a wall mural, sports day captain, SAPSASA sports and SRC. Jacob.

I am going to Wirreanda high school and rugby league will be more in my life because when I got to the Specialist Sports Program for rugby. I will be doing workouts for rugby so I can get stronger and better. Rugby will be in my life more and make school better. Beau.

The past two years I have enjoyed working with Mr Moore because he jokes around and makes students laugh and he has a cool personality. I like the technology to work with because its easier to hand work in and I can easily edit it. I also like technology because I can’t lose work and it’s easier and faster for me to type than write on paper. I think i’m more successful when I collaborate. I also get my own laptop at Wirreanda Secondary School which will be better for me too. Having Beau in my class would be good too, so we can collaborate when we do projects. Lachlan.

I was a brat when I first came to the HCSPS but I’ve grown up and really improved my behaviour and learning. I have started to enjoy school while being in year seven. I have caught up with learning and even started helped people with their learning, such as proofreading and explaining tasks.  I now like to reflect on my day or week, I reflect on my work and events.  Other things that have helped me are being involved in Student Learning Rounds team, SRC and getting an award for Japanese. Brodie.

I think doing the learning rounds has been pretty useful over the year because it changed my learning in so many ways. It changed my thinking about growth and fixed mindsets, meta-cognition (learning how to learn) and other ways that are hard to explain. I guess the good thing about going to the learning rounds is that I can now help make the school a better place so other students can have a better understanding about their learning. I think it would be good if younger kids could gain a better understanding of their learning than I did. So the student learning rounds have been really useful for my learning and will forever change how I think during tasks. Heath.

I’ve liked and disliked many things this year. I really liked all of the building tasks and the fact that our learning included a whole lot of subjects, instead of doing one subject at a time. What I haven’t liked about this year is all of the reflecting and the LAUNCH cycle because I found just jumping into something and doing it was more fun than doing a LAUNCH cycle that took forever. I have also found this year was a lot more disorganised than last year, especially the last semester, as most of the time I didn’t know what to do. James. 

I hope that next year I really get it all together. By that I mean understand the way Mr Moore teaches us. I have also had a big year moving schools and leaving all my friends. Starting a new school is quite tough and you have to be confident about yourself. A lot has been a challenge for me. Some of the work has been fun, like the Arts we do with Miss Manglesen. Some of the work that has really been a challenge is Maths. I feel like when we do it I get a little lost and drift off. But I hope I can improve my grades and get there in Maths. There was one thing that did help me enjoy Maths and that was working with Jacob. We had a fractions test (not really) where we were allowed to work with the person sitting next to us. Jacob and I never used to get along well and I would never have chosen to work with him. But after we did that test, we have been sort of getting along. Phoenix.

I’ve had lots of success this year, like my writing for instance. Earlier in the year it was really bad, but now I have done better in writing and punctuation and I think that if I keep improving I will be excellent writer. Success is not the key to happiness (happiness is the key to success). I think that everyone should give other people advice and maybe share their learning. Information for one person can be information to you. Ethan. 
I did well on my Norway vs Brazil writing with help from Danielle and Mr Moore. Quick Smart helped and I liked working with Lyn and Danielle. This year has been fun. Next year I am excited to be a year 7 and to see some of my friends but I will miss some of the year 7’s. And I get Mr Moore again. Grace.
 The thing I liked about this year was being able to choose what kind of learning we do and how we do it and how we change what wasn’t that good. I liked how we got to choose the classroom setup and move around the furniture to how we wanted it to be. I also think it helped that we got to grade ourselves because the teachers were able to see what we thought our grades should be. Cameron.
This year was a different experience because we’ve done some new things like self-grading, using Chromebooks, Spheros, and learning the LAUNCH cycle. One opportunity I’ve had this year was Quicksmart which has helped me in Maths. It helped me understand problems and learning strategies to divide, multiply, subtract and add. I think quicksmart is really good for people who are struggling. So I think this year was good but I think it could of been better because there’s been times where I didn’t do the work, I just talked and I don’t think I finished the most amount of work that I could’ve. Noah.
I think this year for me has been pretty good, apart from getting into trouble now and then. I have enjoyed the work this year and of course it’s been challenging. Mr Moore is a great teacher, he is funny, smart, kind but a little grumpy sometimes. But apart from that I think this year has gone great and I think next year is going to be even better! My most memorable moment was the bridge building. Jason.
Well, I get lost in art because I enjoy it and it lets me put my imagination/creativity/stories into art and characters, and when I’m upset or angry, it helps calm me down, I guess I just love art, and it’s my passion, I want to do it forever! I would like to be a professional artist who makes a living off of commissions and art! I use school free-time and art class to practice my art, even though I list my art as pretty cheap right now, I hope one day to make it worthy of actually sustaining me in my life when I do leave home! At school I can use the tools available that I don’t normally have access to ( like clay and non-acrylic paints ) and use spare time I have to make art. Paige.
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