About The City of Glacier Park

The Glacial history of Hallett Cove goes back hundreds of millions of years. The following information was sourced from the website hallettcoveec.weebly.com. Hit the links below to find out more information about the area.


About 280 million years ago Hallett Cove was part of a massive glaciation. This glaciation was formed when the continents we know today were all connected to form one big continent called Gondwana. This mass continent was located where Antarctica is today. This explains why the glacier or ice sheet formed! The same glacier that covered Hallett Cove also covered Antarctica, India, Africa and South America.


The glacier is thought to have moved over southern Australia in a northwesterly direction. It is said that the glacier lasted several million years before melting.


As the glacier moved along it left a trail of evidence in its path, the Hallett Cove Conservation Park is a key part of this evidence. It has visible evidence of the glacier both during and after the glacier had melted.




Hallett Cove Geological Trail

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