City of Glacier Park Highlights Week 4 from City of Glacier Park on Vimeo.

Rockets & Launchpad Competition – Student Created Content from City of Glacier Park on Vimeo.

Zippy and Kit Kat combined to create this video of our recent Rocket & Launchpad competition. We used vinegar and bicarb soda to create carbon dioxide inside the bottles which built up until it forced the plastic cork out and produced the thrust needed to launch. We used the LAUNCH Cycle to explore and learn about different designs, asked questions, navigated ideas and created prototypes to test. The students who used their time efficiently found they had far more time in the prototype stage, and as a result of many trials (and fails) they performed best in the competition. They found that weighted nose cones and consistent fin sizes helped stabilise the rocket in flight.

James & Heath performed best managing the entire length of the basketball court (30m+), followed by Lachlan & Beau and Jacob and Cameron who finished equal second.





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