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Day one of the City of Glacier Park project will introduce students to the LAUNCH cycle which we will use to guide our creative thinking and Project Based Learning (PBL) tasks during the term. We will be joining in the Global Day of Design which is the brainchild of John Spencer and AJ Juliani and will see up to 60,000 students from over 500 schools worldwide attempting various design thinking tasks.

Here are some of the sports we invented using the LAUNCH cycle.


SmashBall #GDD17 Invent-A-Sport from City of Glacier Park on Vimeo.

Balloon Tennis from City of Glacier Park on Vimeo.



Six people, two teams of three, compete against each other to win.


Get ten point, therefore defeating your rivals, (other team)
and win.


Step One:
Divide six people into two groups of three. these will be your teams.

Step Two:
One Teammate from team 1 will serve the the wiffle ball using the racket over to the opposite teams side.

Step Three:
A teammate from team 2 will hit the ball. IT must be hit by at least two different teammates before it can be hit back over to the other team’s side.

Step Four:
Continue till a team wins.


1. The ball must be hit with at least 2 teammates’ rackets before being hit over to the opposing team’s side. (unless the wiffle ball is being served.)

2. Three people per team is the standard amount of players but can be altered.

3. The dimensions of the court and no-man’s land can be, also, altered.
(the court size is originally 5.5 x 8.5 meters and the no-man’s land; 1 x 8.5 meters)

Created by, Aaliyah, Lynton, and Paige.

Global Day of Design – Design Challenge from City of Glacier Park on Vimeo.

The LAUNCH Cycle from City of Glacier Park on Vimeo.

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